Online gaming

What does the future hold? EPWA Director Shivani Jha gives his opinion

Updated: Oct 06, 2022 6:24 PM (IST)

Online gambling finds itself in troubled waters in India. On the one hand, you have Google Play which is running a pilot program of real money gambling apps on its platform for a year. However, for now, it only allows daily fantasy sports games and rummy apps. No provision has been made for other online games, be it chess, poker or anything else. On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu cabinet has passed an ordinance banning online gambling altogether – to protect youngsters from financial ruin. In addition, the GST Council is also looking to see if online gaming should face a 28% tax increase. However, it also organizes meetings with stakeholders and industry representatives to understand the difference between skill-based gambling and luck-based gambling. Given the scenario, what does the future hold for online gambling in India? In today’s episode, host Shayak Majumder dives into the world of online gaming regulation with Shivani Jha, the director of the Esports Players Welfare Association (EPWA), which represents thousands of Indian gamers. of esports and online gamers. Only on ABP Live Podcasts.