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The woman “ran over her husband, attacked his mistress”

Moments after discovering an affair, Christie Lee Kennedy is said to have found her husband and dumped him with his lover.

The mother-of-two then got out of her car, grabbed the mistress by the hair and hit her on the head, shouting “fat moll”, the Brisbane District Court was told.

Kennedy, 37, had been married to David Larkin for around nine years when her “world came crashing down” in March 2021.

“She found herself in a position that no one would want to be in. She found out that her husband…was having an affair with another woman,” defense attorney Penny White told a jury.

“The events that followed this realization…all happened within seconds of her finding out.”

Using a phone locator app, Kennedy found her husband talking to another woman, Zowie Noring, by the side of the road in Wavell Heights, north Brisbane, the court heard.

Kennedy sped towards them in her BMW SUV, driving on the wrong side of the road “for a while” before hitting them, Crown Attorney Jennifer O’Brien said.

CCTV footage from a nearby house captured the incident.

“The footage will show that they were lined up and bumped and rolled off the bonnet,” Ms O’Brien said.

“There was no attempt to get out of the way or correct his trajectory to prevent him from hitting (the pair).

“Put simply…the defendant drove her car, a large, powerful object…and ran them over.”

Mr Larkin said he had been talking to Ms Noring for a few minutes before he heard a car ‘accelerating erratically’ and looked up to see his wife’s BMW, which he identified from the personalized plates.

He said the next thing he remembered was “coming back to the pavement.”

Mr Larkin then saw his wife grabbing Ms Noring by the hair and hitting her repeatedly while shouting words like ‘bitch’, Ms O’Brien said.

Mr Larkin suffered cuts to his head, bruising and swelling of his arms and legs, pain in his ribs and a dislocated finger.

Ms Noring was treated for cuts to her head, abdominal pain, arm abrasions as well as thigh and ankle injuries.

Mr Larkin said he had met Ms Noring years ago through friends, but had become close in the weeks before the incident after they both experienced “events traumatic”.

He described his marriage as “quite difficult”, but initially denied having slept with Ms Noring before admitting he had cheated on his wife.

“We were having an affair if that’s how you want to describe it,” Mr. Larkin said in cross-examination.

Kennedy pleaded not guilty to two counts of unlawful assault causing bodily harm.

She pleaded guilty to unlawful assault.

The trial before Judge Tony Moynihan continues.