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The Dangerous Effects of Online Gambling and Social Media Addiction on the Academic Performance of Nigerian Youth

By Nneka Okumazie

If capitalism does not end the world or cause a major ruinous world war, it would be in the adjusted form of its current engineered march.

The purity of capitalism – in the way it should run states is already adrift, with most of what capitalism is far different from what it should be.

There are places in the world where the price is for the price, not for the quality, not for the rarity, but for the price as an agent.

There are other places where consumption is everything, no production, weak regulations, but total consumption.

There are all kinds of changes in monetary policies, interest rates, etc. that do not match and come to nothing.

Although some countries care more about life than others, most countries have difficult roles and vast risks that thwart what it really means to care.

Loss of health, costly care, panic in retirement, etc. continue to expose how inadequate parts of capitalism are.

Nothing can touch capitalism because it’s the best, okay.

But how is the best economic system so fragile and super delicate that it is incompatible with an unpredictable and motley world from another era?

Capitalism at certain scales works. But with the larger world, there should be at least ten thousand types of demand, supply, price, competition, currency, etc.

The usual few options that have to be uniform – across nations – are the deadliest contraption ever.

Capitalism is the real superpower. Those who disregard smart design should know that the missing piece before the big bang is capitalism.

Capitalism has embarrassed religion [organized or not]. Capitalism has turned most entertainment into poison. Capitalism has devastated the theory of evolution – survival and reproduction. There are ways in which people seek capital that what survives is capital, not them. There are people who prioritize capitalism, making their reproduction shoddy or deficient in what should make them most suitable.

Capitalism has mainly taken away the meaning of life and made itself the goal of life. There are some rich people who think capitalism is to their advantage, but life wouldn’t be any different if it never existed.

Technology serves capitalism. Wars are his servant. Capitalism is often what is saved in disasters, plagues or great shortages, directly and people – indirectly.

Those who continue to speak of millions of years before now, or millions of years after, should rather think by decades, because with crashes and crises, since capitalism cannot adapt to the current scale, it can leave with almost everything – in utter devastation beyond the lists. potential threats.

Compliance with capitalism has become the key behavior of most or all – in most situations.

Capitalism is not the key to true survival, but whatever, its works, we go there.

Capitalism when the environment, health, anything can perish.

This lifeless paper which humanity has made greater than itself which has torn apart friends, family, community, nations, etc., may contain the end of the human race.

[Psalm 115:4, Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.]

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