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Switch Online app for Nintendo gets new updates

With the launch of Splatoon 3, Nintendo has updated the Android and iOS companion app for Nintendo Switch Online, introducing some fantastic new features.

It would be amazing to see a mobile adaptation of Splatoon, given the game’s competitive online FPS elements and gameplay.

Even though Splatoon 3 is not yet available for mobile gaming devices, Nintendo has still released some of its other smartphone IPs, albeit with toned down gameplay. Fire Emblem Heroes, one of its best-known mobile games, is also the company’s top revenue generator for the first quarter of 2022. Even though the game saw only 121,000 new downloads during this period, the nevertheless earned more than $29. million from user spending worldwide.

With the Switch Online app downloaded to their smartphones, users can now add Splatoon 3 widgets to their home screens. Users will now be able to pin battle logs, stage times, current gear and a photo album thanks to the new features, although you obviously need to update the software to version 2.3.0 and be connected to your Nintendo Network IDENTIFIER.

Visit the Google Play Store to download the Switch Online app for free if you haven’t already.

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  • Switch Online app for Nintendo gets new updates
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