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The transfer market can be stressful. Researching the best options, negotiating with agents, signing contracts and waiting for a medical examination – it’s enough for managers to tear their hair out.

The same is true – and bear with us here – in the market for a new car. YouYou are unlikely to have a scout team, so youre obliged to make your own to research visiting dealerships, talking to agents – sorry, sales reps – and then trying to negotiate a contract at a fair price. And thatAll of this assuming your new acquisition works as expected. Nobody wants to end up signing a miss.

Fortunately, thereIt’s a better way than standing next to a field (or dealer) freezing your scarf. Theit’s the Cazoo way – just sign your next car from the comfort of your couch, knowing that itbecome a club legend. To explain this process, weI brought in incredibly extensive football analogies.

Find the right player for your team

There are a lot of car players in the market, and they all have their pros and cons. Like therethere’s no point in signing a great central midfielder when youre short of a striker, you donYou don’t want to end up with a crisp city car if you spend most of your time on the highway.

Just like a top manager, you need to identify your needs and research accordingly. First, whatis your budget? Go for Lionel Messi, or is it a good deal in Ligue 2 a more realistic perspective?

Next, figure out which spaces in your team (life) you need to fill. You want an economical workhorse thatwill we continue for long distances and train the rest of the team? A flashy performance hotshot thatwill you get results and will you be entertained? Or a young superstar with electric rhythm who wont stretch the payroll?

Even if you don’tnot knowing much about cars, Cazoo can help you. Wedid the scouting for you, and weI have plenty of reports on the latest cars on the market, whichs good and bad about them, and which ones might work for you.

Target acquired. And now?

Once the football transfer window opens, there isIt’s often a stressful frenzy of activity as clubs negotiate terms. But imagine if there was only one price for one player and everything after that was simple. No haggling, no back and forth, no false promises or medical failures. CazooThe team of cars is handpicked and meticulously prepared. WeI will tell you what the imperfections are, if any, and the price is the price. No hidden ACL issues or off-pitch issues. And of course thereThere is no transfer window for cars – you can buy one at any time.

Payout is simple, with no agent percentages or performance bonuses to worry about. Pay direct or consider flexible financing options like hire-purchase (HP) or personal contract purchase (PCP). You can apply for financing on Cazoos website and get a decision in minutes.

For ultimate simplicity, why not subscribe to a car with Cazoo? It gives you a car, taxes, insurance, maintenance and breakdown cover for one monthly price, and no long-term commitment necessary. ThisIt’s like signing a player on loan. Kind of.

I wantnot buy a player without seeing him play…

Understandable. But what if you had good references from scouts you trust and a full set of photos of him in action? What if you could get him on the team, see how he plays, and then send him back for a full refund if heis not a good fit?

The thought of buying a car without seeing it first can be daunting, which is why at Cazoo we put all of our cars through a 300 point inspection before they appear on the website. We take detailed photos, tell you her story, and generally remove as many unknowns as possible. If you get the car and don’tt like this, just return it within seven days and wewill give you your money back.

Would you accept to take over our disappointing center in exchange?

Were probably ok for footballers thanks, but if youhave a car to trade, weam very interested. Just enter a few details and weI’ll give you a fair estimate. If youare satisfied, the amount will be deducted from the cost of the car youbuy and wewill take your old car away from you in one easy handover.

Should I fly with my new car in first class from Anderlecht?

Yes. Expect… Nope. Sorry. For a small fee, wewill deliver your new car to your doorstep on a day that suits you. Alternatively, you can collect your car from your nearest Cazoo customer center free of charge. Anyway, well explain all the features so that youknow what your new car can do. Please note that most modern cars canIt doesn’t go around Cruyff or a sweet rabona, but they have plenty of safety and entertainment features. Does Jonson Clarke-Harris have a heated seat and Bluetooth? No. As far as we know.

Check full team of cars available at Cazoo and see which one catches your eye. If you need expert advice, read our reviews or buying guides. Then all you have to do is turn off your laptop, print the new shirts, and call a press conference.