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student wastes 36l on online game app | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: An intermediate student, who was allegedly addicted to online gambling, ended up losing 36 lakh without his mother’s knowledge in Amberpet recently. When the worried woman suspected someone had scammed the money from her account and approached Hyderabad Police, they discovered it was her son’s betting activity that had led to the loss financial.
Hyderabad Cybercrime Police say the youngster accessed his grandfather’s phone a month ago. Later, he downloaded a gambling app. Using his mother’s banking credentials, he signed up on the gambling app by paying a fee. Thereafter, he started placing bets while playing the game.

Within a month, he had lost 36 lakhs, police said. “When her mother went to the bank for a different purpose and checked the balance, she only found a few thousand in the account. She realized that several transactions had been made by strangers and filed a complaint. “, said the police. The family had received 36 lakh from the government after the father of the boy, who worked in the police department, died while on duty.
During the investigation, the police discovered that all the transactions had been made using his banking credentials and that they had been spent on a gambling application. That was when the family s realized that it might have been their boy who had made the transactions.
The student opted for the automatic debit option and made sure his mother didn’t find out about his online gambling sprees.