Online business

Shopee provides MSMEs with comprehensive marketing support to grow their business online

As society goes digital, e-commerce plays an important role in helping to train and develop entrepreneurs who can meet the needs of consumers. More people in the region are going online, and that number is expected to reach around 380 million by 2026. To help brands and MSMEs establish and strengthen their online presence, Shopee, the leading platform for e-commerce in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, focuses on developing a strong support ecosystem that allows them to easily launch and grow their business online.

This includes enhanced marketing tools, knowledge sharing and development, as well as sustained advice from Shopee, to help business owners tap into diverse markets, increase their monthly average sales, and achieve notable e-commerce growth. in general.

Shopee salesperson training

Shopee provides the support and seminars necessary to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the e-commerce knowledge they need to be successful. Again this year, Shopee launched its first Shopee University Summit where industry leaders, successful online sellers and top brands shared their expertise to help sellers understand the basics of e-commerce and how they can maximize e-commerce. the potential of electronic commerce and succeed in developing. their business online. The second summit was also a success with 35,000 viewers online. During the summit, attendees learned how to develop the right corporate branding, product photography skills, and leverage Shopee tools and social media platforms to promote their businesses.

Shopee sellers can also access Shopee’s Seller Education Hub ( where they can take useful e-commerce courses, participate in informative webinars, and read articles on store management, product listings, operations improvements, and other business matters.

Full support from Relationship Managers

In addition to the marketing tools readily available for in-app use, Shopee also provides MSMEs with ongoing guidance on how they can improve and grow their business through highly skilled relationship managers (RM). To fully support a seller’s growth, RMs require excellent service and respond to seller inquiries, and sometimes go out of their way to meet seller’s e-commerce needs.

Kriszel from MARE Clothing said their relationship manager has helped them a lot, even encouraging them to participate in major campaigns to further develop their business. “Our relationship manager has been very helpful throughout our Shopee journey. During major campaigns, we have had a lot of exposure to the features built into the app, such as Shopee Feed. On 10.10. have gained over 2000 subscribers through Shopee’s Feed Freebies feature We are very grateful for the advice we have received and this is a big factor in the success of our store.

Campaigns that meet consumer demand

In addition, Shopee also supports its sellers through large campaigns as local MSMEs are expected to benefit from the increased traffic to boost their business growth and expand their online presence. Across the region, sellers who attended the recent Super Shopping Day 9.9 had 8 times the orders compared to an average day, and this next big Christmas sale from 11.11-12.12, Shopee continues to provide sellers with tools marketing to further drive sales. The big Christmas sale from 11.11 to 12.12 runs until 12 December 2021 and offers sellers the opportunity to provide consumers with promotions that include deals of 1, free shipping with no minimum spend and 10% discount on daily shopping vouchers.

Digital payment options with ShopeePay

As digital payments become more and more integrated into the daily lives of consumers, ShopeePay serves as a multi-functional tool for all of their payment needs while providing rewards and secure transactions. Through Shopee’s year-end campaigns like the Big Christmas Sale 11.11-12.12, ShopeePay will continue to drive greater adoption of digital payments among shoppers and merchants, providing ShopeePay users with more convenience and value. while helping businesses access more opportunities in the digital economy.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “To thrive in e-commerce brands and businesses need to embark on their journey and here at Shopee we make sure that we are there to guide and support them along their journey. . That’s why we’ve designed our end-to-end ecosystem: onboarding, training and scaling their business to meet the demands of their customers. The needs of our stakeholders are constantly evolving, and that is why we must continue to evolve. “

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