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Regional Council promoting communication via the application

Southland Environment is launching an app to communicate directly with residents and provide them with a new way to communicate with staff.

Antenno is a free mobile app that allows users to report issues and feedback directly to the regional council, and allows the council to share the latest information about the region.

“Antenno is a great way for us to deliver targeted and timely information, such as events, plan revisions and flood warnings, to those affected without overwhelming them with messages that don’t affect them,” said the Acting Managing Director of Environment Southland. and commitment Rachael Millar said.

Antenno sends alerts directly to someone’s phone based on the locations it adds. It is easy to use and no personal information or login ID is required.

The types of notifications residents may receive include flood or emergency warnings, community events, or comment opportunities. Notifications are sent based on the areas they have selected.

“In Murihiku Southland, we also have Gore District Council and Southland District Council using Antenno.

“If you live in these neighborhoods and already have Antenno on your phone, you won’t need to download it again to receive notifications from Environment Southland.”

Reporting of issues or feedback to the regional council can be done directly through the app.

“You may have noticed a source of air pollution, seen an invasive weed, encountered a navigational hazard in our waterways, or have a new idea you’d like to share with us. Reports may include photographs , maps and additional details that will help our team respond to issues quickly and efficiently.

“This app is a fantastic tool to help Southlanders stay connected with Environment Southland.”