Online business

Prince George is the province’s leader in online business


Many businesses in British Columbia have survived the pandemic by increasing their online traffic. New data from Square, a financial services and digital payment systems company, shows small communities are leading the way.

Prince George businesses grew 67 percent online, the highest in British Columbia and beating the national average of 56 percent. Square says 56 percent of businesses in the province are now selling online. While Prince George has the largest turnout, Square says Squamish businesses are moving at the fastest pace to increase online sales in the province.

The 5 best-selling cities in British Columbia at the end of August 2021:

  • Prince George 67%
  • Squamish 62%
  • Kelowna 61%
  • Abbotsford 60%
  • Vancouver 60%

There are several reasons why small communities are leading the way. According to Square, a younger population is more likely to shop online, and communities in some areas have had to work hard to find new customers.

Big cities like Vancouver had more foot traffic during the pandemic than some smaller communities and those along this border which saw most of their customers cut off.

“There’s more density, isn’t there? So you have a lot of customers coming and going to your business no matter what. Whereas, if you’re in one of those smaller, more geographically remote locations, it’ll give you a bit more reach and have a bit more impact on your customer base, ”explained Felipe Chacon, economist at Square.

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