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Online company Marlayna Cosmetics moves to Broadway


Marlayna Cosmetics has gained traction on social media and is now moving to brick and mortar.

Marlayna Cosmetics is an all-natural beauty brand and wholesaler with over 15,000 subscribers on the social media platform Instagram.

The cruelty-free cosmetic line includes whipped body butters and oils, scrubs and lip glosses.

The storefront building will open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on August 14.

Customers are welcome to shop and visit the store, said designer and CEO Marlayna Colon.

The building will serve as a store as well as a laboratory for Colon to prepare the products.

Marlayna Colon fills the shelves for the inauguration.

“I make all of my products myself,” she said.

Colon, 22, is from Lorain.

She graduated from Lorain High Early College in 2017 and Ohio State University with a BS in Social Work in 2020.

Colon worked for MAC Cosmetics for three years before embarking on starting his own business.

“I’ve always been interested in beauty and making women feel beautiful,” she said.

Colon said the novel coronavirus pandemic gave him the time and opportunity to build a brand.

“I realized because of the layoffs that my time there was coming to an end,” she said. “I got really interested in body care and started to think about formulating and manufacturing my own products. “

Marlayna Colon, of Marlayna Cosmetics, built her brand primarily on social media during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Colon started out selling handmade lip glosses and scrubs before connecting with vendors to expand his collection.

Store hours will be limited throughout the week, as the majority of sales come from online shoppers, she said.

“We won’t be open every day because I’m very busy filling orders,” Colon said. “We will be open on a limited basis during the week, but customers will be able to order online and pick up here.”

Although her business has been primarily successful online, she said she is looking forward to the expansion.

“I am so excited to open the store,” Colon said. “I worked really hard to get there.

Colon encourages other local entrepreneurs to invest in their dreams.

“I’m from Lorain,” she said. “I want the younger generation around me to know that it is possible to live your daydream, even if it seems crazy to others.

“We can do it; this is the age of small businesses.

Those interested can follow Marlayna Cosmetics on Instagram or visit the store for more information.


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