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Online Business Degree Programs for Entrepreneurs

Starting your career as an entrepreneur means deciding which degree program you should choose. Although a business degree is not required for entrepreneurs, it gets you started on the right foot and can increase your chances of success. That being said, there is more than one type of business degree that can benefit you as an entrepreneur.

When it comes to choosing your online degree program, it’s important that you already know what your needs are and how you want to hone your skills. If you are unsure, a general business degree may be best. However, if you want to deepen your knowledge in specific areas of the business world, here are some online degree programs that will help you.

#1. Entrepreneurship

As a fairly obvious second choice, an entrepreneurship degree might be the perfect way to get started. Most online degree programs will cover the basics of business, economics, marketing, and finance.

Entrepreneurship degree programs draw your attention to the many reasons start-up businesses often fail. By the time you complete the online program, you’ll have a plan to avoid these common issues and know how to prepare your startup for what’s to come.

While many universities offer online entrepreneurship degrees, the University of Maine’s Bachelor of Commerce and Entrepreneurship degree is one of the best programs in the United States. The degree can be completed entirely online or in person, if you choose to study on campus halfway through your program.

#2. Business Administration

One of the most well-known business degrees is the MBA. With an MBA, you’re well-prepared for the complications of running your own business, but you still have a solid resume if you decide not to start a startup.

Business administration is an important skill for any start-up, whether you pursue it purely as a bachelor’s degree or go all the way and complete your MBA. Understanding how to run your business from the administrative side gives you deeper insight into how your startup is doing and how you can continue to improve.

Whether you are looking to earn a bachelor’s degree or your MBA, Herzing University offers both. Their completely online Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Studies allows you to earn dual credit for their MBA program, which is also offered online.

#3. Finance

Accounting and financial tracking can be done through apps and software, but it’s not the same as knowing the discipline well. With a finance degree, you learn how to track cash flow, create financial reports, and analyze revenue, debt, and overall business financial performance. Finance degrees will also give you in-depth knowledge about loans and investments.

As financial complications are one of the main problems of startup failure. Focusing on a finance degree will draw your attention to potential financial problems your startup might encounter and how to avoid them.

#4. Marketing

Every business needs a marketing campaign, especially start-ups. Obtaining your marketing degree will allow you to be better prepared to spread the word about your start-up and attract new customers every day.

Marketing degrees aren’t just about creating a campaign. In a marketing program, you will learn how to identify and research any target audience, how to specially customize a campaign, and how to use different social media platforms in order to reach certain audiences. Marketing programs prepare you to create your own promotions and show you how to increase your market share.

As an entrepreneur, marketing programs will further help you build your brand image. You’ll learn the ins and outs of making your startup stand out from the competition, as well as how to analyze and use campaign feedback for future promotions.

#5. Computing

Even if you don’t expect to start a business in IT or IT, having a degree in this field can save you time in the future. With a computer science degree, you will learn to automate many basic functions as well as navigate applications and software. When you’ve graduated and start focusing on making your business idea a reality, it can save you a lot of time.

Computer science programs also often cover common business ideas and principles, so you can still learn the basics of running a business.

One of the biggest benefits of a computer science degree is the understanding you gain in cybersecurity. In today’s world, the internet plays a vital role in the success of a business, but if your startup’s website is not secure, you may face difficulties. With a computer science degree in your pocket, you’ll be able to equip and protect your startup’s data from the get-go.

#6. Psychology

When it comes to running a business, it’s important to understand how the minds of your customers work. Psychology degrees prepare you to do just that. During your psychology studies, you will learn about human behavior and development, how to interact and communicate with different types of people, and how to use the human psyche.

Psychology degrees give you a better understanding of the human brain, and while it may not seem immediately relevant to starting a business, it can be a key ingredient to your startup success. Understanding psychology helps you understand how to encourage teamwork, recognize potentially dangerous behavior, and win new clients.

If you’re considering a start-up where it’s important to interact with customers on a regular basis, earning a degree in psychology is worth considering. You will have the skills to analyze and react quickly to any type of personality, improving your chances of retaining customers and encouraging teamwork.

There is no “one size fits all”


The good news is that there is no “perfect” business degree for an entrepreneur. Your business goals will be different from those of your classmates, and everyone will be looking for a different end result. When it comes to deciding which degree program to choose, it depends on what you want to focus on and your interests.

Business is a flexible field and while your career as an entrepreneur may not bring you fame or fortune, the skills you will gain from your degree will be skills you can take with you into almost any industry.

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