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One-page notice published on the impact of online gaming

CHANDIGARH: Maintaining the Impacts of Online Games Among Students, Ministry of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India, has prepared a one-page review for parents and teachers. The copy of the opinion was also given to the respective CEOs, organizations and institutions, including school leaders, and requested that it be widely disseminated in order to take the necessary steps to overcome the disadvantages of the games in line. Dr Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Aademics, New Delhi issued the opinion.

The advisory contains a long list of “don’ts” for safe online games for children. It advises against allowing in-game purchases without parental consent and advises against app purchases. OTP based payment methods can be adopted according to RBl guidelines.

Don’t let kids buy directly from the laptop or mobile they are using to play. Advise children not to download software and games from unfamiliar websites. Tell them to beware of clicking on links, images, and pop-ups on websites, as they may contain viruses and damage the computer, and may contain age-inappropriate content. Advise them not to provide personal information on the Internet when downloading games. or intimidation of other players. final information with people in games and on the game profile Advise them from engaging in the game for long hours without taking a break due to health and addiction aspects.

Notify if a stranger tries to strike up a conversation about something inappropriate or asks for personal information. Check the age of any games your child plays when bullied. Help your child understand that some features of online games are used to encourage more gambling and spending. Talk to them about gambling, what it is and its consequences both online and in the physical world. Always make sure your child is accessing the internet from a computer in the family space Keep their eyes open for unusual secret behaviors, mostly related to their online activity Sudden increase in the time they spend online , especially on social media They seem to change the screen on their device when approached They withdraw or get angry after using the internet or sending text messages. access Teachers should keep an eye on

Advice Needed Due to the new age of technology, online games are very popular with children due to the challenges they bring to gamers that excite them and make them play more which can lead to addiction. Online games can be found almost anywhere on all gaming platforms such as PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Online games can be accessed using a phone or tablet which is a common factor in online game addiction as children can easily play games anywhere and anytime , which affects their time for their school and their social life.

It is also reported that in addition, the closure of schools due to the pandemic has increased the use of mobile and internet by children. However, there are many drawbacks to online gambling. Playing online games results in severe gambling addiction which has been considered a gambling disorder. The game is designed in such a way that each level is more complicated and complex than the last. This causes a player to surpass themselves in order to progress in the game. Therefore, playing online games without restriction or self-limitation leads many players to become addicted and are ultimately diagnosed with a gambling disorder. Gaming companies are also emotionally coercive. the child to buy more levels and almost force in-app purchases.

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