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NookLink – Nintendo Switch Online app – Animal Crossing: New Horizons wiki guide

The Catalog is a handy and powerful NookLink app, and is equivalent to your NookPhone’s in-game Nook Shopping app. Here’s all you can do with it:

  • Search all of your cataloged items by name.
  • Search all of your cataloged items with search criteria. Criteria can include item category, color, whether you can order or customize them, between two Bell cost amounts and size.
    • You can also leave the criteria blank to see an alphabetical list of each item in that game that you have cataloged.
  • Go directly to your favorite articles. Favorite items can only be done through the NookLink catalog on your device, giving you quick access to the specific items you want.
  • View new, most recent 20 items you ordered or received from someone (objects found in trees or balloons do not count). Here you can bookmark them, view their category, purchase cost, sell value and whether you can customize them with customization kits or if you have to do it through Cyrus at Harv Campground.
    • You cannot purchase these items from this menu – you will have to manually search for them elsewhere.
  • Display the items displayed in the background of the Catalog application menu. This will only show their icon and what they look like.
  • See when the catalog was last updated. Visible at the bottom of the Catalog app menu, an indicator of when the catalog was last updated, in case you can’t find an item you just received.
    • If you can’t find an item you recently received, go to the Animal Crossing: New Horizon main menu, press the minus button to go to settings, then find out about NookLink and request your save data. are synchronized. This should fix the problem.


The Nook Points app is the first app with features exclusive to the NookLink app and is arguably one of the most important.

In this app you can register daily to earn Nook points. Usually you only get 10, but sometimes you can get 20 or even 30 Nook Points! Nook Points can only be redeemed on the day they become available, which means that if you wait five days, you cannot redeem five days of Nook Points at one time; they will be lost forever.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Nook point reset time is midnight, rather than 5 a.m. like in the main game New Horizons.

Nook Points are spent at an exclusive item store stocked with Nook-themed items and clothing. Initially it contained six items, but since Update 2.0 it now contains twelve!

name Cost The description
Poster Nook Inc. ten Tom Nook poster seen on the left wall of Resident Services.
Toilet paper Nook Inc. ten Toilet paper with a design of the Nook Inc. leaf logo.
Nook Inc. Balloon 30 A plastic balloon that can be placed or held in your hand.
Door sign Nook Inc. 40 A leaf logo door plaque from Nook Inc ..
Pouch Nook Inc. 50 A small backpack with the leaf logo from Nook Inc ..
Sweater Nook Inc. 50 The yellow sweater Tom Nook wears under his jacket in fall and winter.
ACNH carrying case 60 In-game replica of the official ACNH-themed carrying case released with the game.
Cushion Nook Inc. 60 Nook Inc. Leaf Logo Cushion. Can be placed on surfaces or on the floor for seating.
Raccoon wall clock 80 Wall clock in the style of the Nook Miles raccoon, with a swinging pendulum tail.
Photo of Timmy and Tommy 100 Photo of Timmy and Tommy, with their birthday and favorite sayings on the back.
Photo by Tom Nook 100 Photo of Tom Nook, with his date of birth and his favorite saying on the back.
Isabelle’s photo 100 Photo of Isabelle, with her date of birth and her favorite saying on the back.
Unlike items obtained through the Nook Shopping or Catalog apps, items purchased from Nook Points will instantly arrive in your in-game mailbox, just like sending to friends!

If your mailbox is not showing new messages, check it anyway: it will sync it and the new items will be there for you.

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