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‘Nintendo Switch Online’ app updated with Splatoon 3 widget support to see map rotation, battle logs and more on home screen – TouchArcade

After the very successful launch of Splaton 3Nintnedo released a big update for the Nintendo Switch Online (Free) companion app on iOS and Android. This application published in 2017, and has been updated intermittently since. The app wasn’t really worth using at launch, but was good for checking Nintendo Account features like online friends, and also checking Splatoon functionalities such as the purchase of materials. Today a new update went live, version 2.3.0, bringing support for home screen widgets from Splaton 3. These allow you to view your battle logs, current gear, stage rotation schedule, and in-game photo album. This is available on iPadOS and iOS. Check out one of my iPad Pro widget options below:

nintendo switch online splatoon 3 widget

If you didn’t get Splaton 3 However, be sure to read Shaun’s review on this here. Except the new Splaton 3 features and widgets, the app still supports game-specific features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and more with voice chat if you don’t have access to another device with Discord. If you want to try the Nintendo Switch Online app, you can download it here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. Are you subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online and what did you think of the recent games in the expansion pack if you tried them?