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Nintendo Switch online app update makes it easier to add friends

With literally tens of millions of people owning multiplayer-centric games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’d think it would be harder to add friends on Nintendo Switch than on any other console. That’s why this week’s system update, which makes adding friends a little easier, took a while to arrive.

Anyone who’s been through the rigors of adding friends on Switch will know that it’s definitely not the easiest process in the world. You can sync your console with a social media account, but then you have to hope those you want to add have done the same. You can also add people via friend codes, but you either have to always have your Switch handy or remember your unique 14-character combination.


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An update to the Nintendo Switch Online app (reported by Eurogamer) has made the process of expanding your friends list a little easier. You can now send friend requests to those you want to add through the app, eliminating the need to always have your Switch on you. The only caveat is that the person you send a friend request to will have to accept it through their console. The same applies to you if you receive a request, as they can only be sent through the NSO app, not accepted.

The other way the ONS app makes it a little easier to create friends on Switch is by adding the ability to turn your friend code into a QR code or URL. This means that you no longer have to type in the aforementioned 14-character code for anyone who wants to add you. They can just scan the QR code you turned it into and add you that way, but again, you won’t be able to accept the request until you have your console handy.

The only other change implemented by this week’s update is the version of iOS software you’ll need for the app to work. The NSO app will now only work with iOS 14.0 and above. A change announced by Nintendo was coming, but did not give an exact date when it would happen.

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