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New online scoring system in place

Community cricket is moving to a new online scoring system this summer.

PlayHQ replaces CricHQ as the official platform.

The national rollout is being led by New Zealand Cricket, but Otago Cricket Association competitions manager Nic
Kittelty is the association’s manager and said Otago’s reaction to the change has been good.

“Our rollout in Otago has been really positive. The clubs have been very receptive to the change, and the registrations would support that,” Kittelty said.

“The cool or exciting thing about PlayHQ, although it is still so new in its development, is that in a short period of time it will far exceed what CricHQ has been able to offer us.

“Keep in mind that we had been with CricHQ for eight years and were still having functionality issues every season.”

Green Island Cricket Club secretary Jeremy Scott and Carisbrook-Dunedin Kaikorai Cricket Club vice-president Charlie Hantler had no serious complaints.

Scott said they were still in the setup phase, but the system worked well for registrations and payments.

“I didn’t hear any growling. The only concern for Green Island is that I’m the man responsible for it,” Scott joked.

Hantler said the registration process was a breeze and the system was very “user-friendly”.

“The only concern I have is whether there is an app available or not,” Hantler said.

“For CricHQ, there was an application that we could use on our tablets to score points during games, and I don’t know of an application for PlayHQ at the moment.

“That could be a potential issue in terms of being able to use it without data or a hotspot.”

A concerned parent, who wished to remain anonymous, described the system as “a pot”.

“I’ve had a few calls – they tell us Australia have used it successfully – but there’s no DLS [Duckworth-Lewis-Stern]no rankings or player stats,” he said.

“People are spitting on the dummy.”

Kittelty said the scoring system incorporates DLS adjustments into goals, but there is no built-in calculator yet.

Work is underway to include a calculator in the scoring app, and PlayHQ has scheduled it for release in mid-November.

There were no firm plans, however, to develop an app, Kittelty said.

“THE [electronic] The rating platform, in terms of public exposure, is in its early stages. Sessions have only just started for the past three to four weeks,” Kittelty said.

“PlayHQ as a platform has around 80 software developers working on it and 11 of them are dedicated to cricket, while CricHQ only had one developer on it.

“There are bi-monthly software updates in which the platform improves regularly, and we have already seen great improvements.”