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New Online App Store for Siemens Manufacturers

Photo credit: Siemens

Siemens, a provider of automation technology and industrial software, has launched a digital, vendor-independent, multi-vendor application store for industry customers.

The Industrial Edge Marketplace enables transactions specifically for the Siemens Industrial Edge Platform, an IT platform that enables the scalable deployment of IT technologies and applications in the production environment. In addition to Siemens Edge applications for the discrete and machine tool industries, third-party vendors such as Braincube, Cybus, SeioTec and Tosibox have already started listing products.

Siemens says users will benefit from a wide range of software components offered by many vendors and manufacturers, which they can integrate into their manufacturing processes in a standardized way. Currently, the platform ranges from connectivity, data storage, visualization and analysis, as well as machine monitoring and energy and asset management.

The marketplace is supposed to allow business-to-business (B2B) customers to purchase and operate multiple software components on an all-in-one platform. The Industrial Edge Marketplace user experience is inspired by B2C application stores. Siemens says that in just a few steps, users can fill their shopping cart with apps, order, pay and use their products immediately. According to Siemens, the platform is ideal for application developers to enter the industrial automation market. To extend and extend the offering, Siemens places particular emphasis on partner services and additional software applications, at the heart of the Industrial Edge ecosystem.

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