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MSHDA Launches Online App for COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority has deployed an online application tool for COVID-19 emergency rental assistance, according to a press release.

United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties, in partnership with EightCAP, Inc. and the MSHDA, launched the online tool “to help streamline the application process for tenants and landlords seeking rental assistance emergency COVID, ”the statement said.

The MSHDA has federal funds to help tenants avoid eviction and landlords to collect rent owed, the statement said. Renters earning 80 percent of the area’s median income or less are eligible.

Further eligibility criteria and a link to the online application site are available at Homeowners or tenants can complete the CERA application and upload the required documents.

Those without a computer or smartphone can contact United Way Montcalm-Ionia Counties at 616-794-9840 for assistance.

Kelly Rose, head of housing solutions at MSHDA, said all eligible tenants in Michigan “should apply for CERA as soon as possible.”

“Even with a moratorium on evictions currently in place until June 30, landlords can still take action towards the eviction for unpaid rent,” Rose said. “A CERA application can help tenants catch up on the rent owed, allowing them to stay in their accommodation. ”

COVID Emergency Rental Assistance Program Eligibility:

  • The moratorium protects against eviction when invoked by the tenant but does not help tenants pay their arrears. Applying to CERA will help pay the arrears now and avoid possible eviction later.
  • If tenants do not invoke the moratorium, they could still be evicted for non-payment of rent. Applying to CERA can help pay arrears for filed evictions and could ultimately help avoid eviction.
  • Some landlords may still attempt to file an eviction for non-payment of rent, even if the tenant invokes the moratorium. Applying to CERA can help pay arrears for filed evictions and could ultimately help avoid eviction.

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