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Mazi Batmi Online News and News Portal Reached 10 Lakh Users on Whatsapp

October 31: Mazi Batmi, an online portal in Maharashtra providing updates on Whatsapp groups, has reached 1 million users since its launch in 2018.

Chetan Sapkal, Founder of Mazi Batmi launched the online portal on October 19, 2018, intending to provide all important updates in all areas like Agriculture, Job Alerts, Stock Market, the latest news, business updates and all critical updates from state and central governments. on Whatsapp.

Sapkal created Mazi Batmi’s Whatsapp group in 2018 with a few hundred users. At present, Whatsapp group has exceeded 1 million users who are using updates provided by Sapkal on a variety of topics.

Born in Shetkhed, a rural area of ​​Buldhana, Maharashtra, Sapkal after graduating started preparing for competitive exams in 2018.

At that time, he realized that students weren’t getting information about the jobs they wanted. He noticed an increase in the usage of Whatsapp and the idea came to him to start Mazi Batmi, where he offered information services in Marathi language to people living in Pune, Amravati, Nagpur, Nasik, Kokan, Aurangabad via Whatsapp group.


Mazi Batmi started with very few people, but now five to seven thousand people join this group daily. Today, Mazi Batmi has become a trusted source of information for 10 lakh users.

“Mazi Batmi is poised to reach 25 lakh by 2023,” said Chetan Sapkal, founder of Mazi Batmi. “I started Mazi Batmi four years ago to share updates from central and state government. Currently, Mazi Batmi provides updates on competitive preparation, news, government job alerts, results, admission cards, as well as updates on new recruitments.

Farmer updates, including weather forecasts, market prices and new programs in the agricultural sector, are also provided on the Whatsapp group.

According to Sapkal, Mazi Batmi is a great source for basic and advanced stock market updates, IPO launches, industry updates, daily motivational quotes , etc., on the Whatsapp group.

As more and more people feel the positive effects of sharing information, Mazi Batmi’s popularity has skyrocketed. All of Mazi Batmi’s annual income of RS 60 lakh comes from advertising. Soon, Mazi Batmi will launch a mobile app to deliver more substantial news and information.