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Mario Party Superstars Commercial Reluctantly Promotes Switch Online App Voice Chat

Mario Party Superstars has been out in the wild for a few weeks now, bringing plenty of classic mini-games and platters to a new audience on Switch. We enjoyed it in our review, pointing out that the original content is mixed in with all kinds of modern conveniences like better AI, brilliant HD visuals, and online play.

Online play is here from day one in this latest release after arriving late in Super Mario Party, and a trailer released by Nintendo UK (above) makes it clear with four lovely people playing online before they end up for an in-person rematch. That’s the standard rate for a Nintendo game ad, and that’s okay.

Corn, something caught our attention. This ad shows voice chat in the online game, and therefore those who produced it were undoubtedly obligatory suggest that these players would use the Nintendo Switch Online app on their phones. Do you remember the NSO app? Do you still have it on your phone / tablet? Well it still exists and can actually support voice chat in this game.

It’s subtle, but fishy on phones and they certainly don’t use Discord and similar apps like most people trying to play online on Switch – no, it’s that official app.

Looks like the Switch Online app was largely discontinued a while ago, but it lives on with game support and updates. Of course, Nintendo plans to spend a huge amount of money to improve the services and infrastructure of its Nintendo Account – hopefully in the not-so-distant future voice chat in Nintendo games will be more like a solution for Nintendo players. 2020s.

Let us know if you are using the Switch Online app for voice chat … wait, What does one say ?

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