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Launch of Ripple Remittance technology on Shopify via Airwallex’s new online application


  • RippleX Announces Recipients of XRPL Grants Wave 3
  • Ripple talks about the expansion of NFT

Ripple User Airwallex has announced the launch of its online payment application Airwallex on Shopify.

Ravi Adusumilli, SVP of Partnerships at Airwallex, talks about the offer: “Our app is one of many offers we have designed to help merchants accept cross-border payments.”

Airwallex joined Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network, RippleNet, in 2017 to modernize global payments, leveraging the power of blockchain. The global fintech platform has also become part of RippleNet, commercially adopting blockchain to provide its customers with a unique global payment experience.

In other news, based in Africa xago recently announced the launch of Circle’s GBP, USD and USDC on its payment gateway and trading exchange developed on the XRP Ledger, which means expansion.


RippleX Announces Recipients of XRPL Grants Wave 3

Thirty-five new recipients were chosen for the XRPL grants in Wave 3, which sought initiatives centered on “contributing to open source”. More than 175 applications from more than 30 countries were submitted to Wave 3 at a record pace, and the selected projects received funds totaling approximately $3 million.

XRP Ledger is used in software development initiatives funded by the XRPL Grants program.

Ripple talks about the expansion of NFT

If approved by the XRPL CommunityRipple’s proposed NFT protocol, known as XLS-20, would allow NFT transactions on XRPL to close in a fraction of a second and be cheaper to mint, buy and sell.

Earlier this year, NFT-Devnet was launched to test a recently proposed standard for register-native NFTs, which makes the development and use of XRPL easier and more publicly available for developers.