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Jewelers Circle launches private viewing gallery for online businesses

The Jewelers Circle is launching its latest feature called Shared Gallery – a virtual inventory and memo that can be sent directly to private clients and consumers. This would provide trade professionals with a secure digital space to showcase, discover, and trade rare and exquisite vintage and designer jewelry, loose stones, watches, and other bespoke collectibles.

This platform allows retailers and industry professionals to discover, connect, buy, and ultimately transact without platform commissions in a way that would traditionally be done in person. Visitors and exhibitors who subscribe to this feature can send a selection of items from verified dealers on the platform to their private customers via a secure link. When a subscriber is ready to send a curated list of items to their private customers, they can convert their private gallery(s) to shared galleries. There is no limit to the number of private galleries a subscriber can create.

Marianne Fisher, co-founder and CEO of Jewelers Circle says, “It is a tool for retailers and resellers to deliver a personalized digital shopping experience to their customers and brings new depth to online shopping in the jewelry industry, while protecting the B2B side company because no other reseller contact information is displayed in the shared gallery. »

The main functions of the platform include the following:

  • Browse thousands of listings with powerful sorting, filtering and search functions
  • Receive personalized notifications when items meeting defined search parameters are newly listed
  • Connect to hundreds of top verified resellers around the world
  • Display in platform calls (messages) for specific products to Preferred Resellers or the entire network
  • 24 Hour Best Offer Items – a feature to bid on exhibitor products with reserve prices available for a limited time
  • Shared galleries to save products and possibility to share them as virtual memos with private customers via a secure link.

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