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Insight into the direction of Indian online gambling

Non-Gamers turn into Casual Gamers, then Serious Gamers

Contributions from gaming, telecommunications and high-tech manufacturing industry players provided during the recent India Gaming Conclave provide valuable insights into the current state of online gaming in the country and the future outlook for the sector. The The Indian gaming industry is being revolutionized by the large number of non-gamers who converted to casual gamers during the pandemic, with some of them becoming serious gamers.

The growth in online gaming adoption that has come with the restrictions of Covid-19 and the realities of home confinement will be further driven by innovation in both gaming content and hardware, as well as by the development of a solid digital infrastructure in the country. .

“The number of serious gamers has increased by 40% in India. This is the trend we see continuing. Another trend we’ve seen is that paid games have increased, which shows a willingness of people to pay for games. We need powerful chipsets to enhance the gaming experience. We focused on the catering needs of gamers,” said Anku Jain, Managing Director of MediaTek India, a fabless semiconductor manufacturer.

The rollout of 5G services will bring the high data speeds and low latency that mobile gamers so desperately need, and the industry is working to provide users with the right technology.

“5G devices were in India even before the launch of 5G services. 5G service will provide them with high bandwidth to make them globally competitive. With an increase in online gaming and 5G adoption, we expect the price of the devices to drop as well,” Jain pointed out.

Current and future size of the Indian online gaming market

Estimates and projections found in a report 2021 by global financial consultancy KPMG expects the number of online gamers in the country to reach 65.7 crore by 2025. The report estimates the current user base of the Indian online gambling industry at 43.3 crore, divided into casual players, real money players, ranging from users looking for the best casino app in india card game fans, online fantasy sports enthusiasts and esports gamers.

The document further expects the value of India’s online gaming market to grow from ₹13,600 crore in FY 2021 to ₹29,000 crore by FY 2025, the casual gaming segment from ₹6,020 crore to ₹16,900 crore, Real Money Gaming (RMG) from ₹4,980 crore to ₹6,130 crore, Online Fantasy Sports from ₹2,430 crore to ₹5,430 crore and annual esports revenue rising from ₹170 crore to ₹570 crore during the forecast period.

Overview of real money gambling trends

A dominant preference for live casino in india marks the modern trends in the country’s real money gaming scene. Besides live action, desi RMG players opt for dynamic and visually rich content and prefer streamlined and fast-paced gameplay with instant results. Classic Western casino titles have grown in popularity, but traditional Indian and Asian games retain their place as evergreen Desi favorites.

Information on current RMG trends in India is provided by a recently published report on the subject by the research team of the casino comparison platform SevenJackpots. The study is based on 14 months of primary data and anonymous statistics on over 17 lakh registered users on one of the casino gaming platforms.

With the exception of one classic roulette title, all non-slot top 30 games by turnover are played with a live dealer. At the same time, the majority of top-performing games have words like “instant”, “lightning”, “fast” or “speed” in their title.

Roulette games dominate the rankings, accounting for 70.1% of revenue and 53% of total money wagered in the top 30 games, followed by slots. Indian and Asian games led by Teen Patti and Andar Bahar remain popular, generating 13.5% of revenue in the same group of games.

The Conclave of Gambling in India II

The second edition of the India Gaming Conclave held in August in New Delhi attracted over 150 attendees including industry representatives, analysts, gamers and influencers who gathered to discuss the future roadmap of the Indian gaming sector.

“We are thrilled to be part of India’s Gaming Conclave and to share the platform with prominent gaming enthusiasts and leaders. The gaming industry today is driven by both casual gamers and gamers. big players and is one of the fastest growing industries in India,” said Himanshu Tandon, Country Head at Poco India.

Knowledge sessions conducted during the event covered topics such as 5G, cloud gaming and innovations in smartphones and devices – driving India’s gaming revolution; India-focused innovations in gaming infrastructure; Gamification – A powerful tool to engage, monetize and increase revenue; and taking the game to the next level through investments and partnerships.

“India’s gaming industry is growing at a healthy pace, owing to increased adoption of advanced gaming technologies, increased consumer adoption, and significant growing demand for mobile games. With the growing popularity and demand, India is likely to become a global gaming hub in the near future,” said Newgen Gaming Founder and CEO, Anurag Khurana.