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How to find each special weapon – GTA: San Andreas wiki guide

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a ton of guns. Whether you are looking for pistols, grenades, submachine guns or a pair of brass knuckles, there is something for everyone. However, there are a few weapons that you won’t be able to throw into the cart during your average Ammu-Nation run …

Here’s how to find all of the Special Weapons located in San Andreas. This guide includes an update for the GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition version for Xbox, PC and PS5.


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How to find a katana

The best melee weapon in the game, the Katana is powerful, fast and has a long range. This makes it a great tool to have on hand, and luckily, it’s not too hard to find. Here are some of the spawn points where you can find the sword.

  • Los Santos – You’ll find him in the alley across the corner where CJ is participating in the lowrider challenge. It’s behind a fence on the left side. For those who have not yet reached this point in history, look for the Alhambra nightclub in Idlewood and cross the bridge to the right of the entrance. Take the next left that you see after crossing the bridge.
  • San Fierro – Head toward San Fierro city center and look for it Chinese district Region. You will find an alley near the bottom of the street on the right. Enter, then turn left into another alley to find the katana. If you have trouble finding it, this is the same alley you go down during the Wu Zi Mu mission Mountain Cloud Boys.
  • Las Venturas – Head to the corner of the save point outside the Four Dragons Casino. You will find a katana among some palm trees.

How to find the chainsaw

If there is a way to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies, it is to transport a huge chain saw, and luckily, they’re not too hard to find. While this melee weapon is heavy, it does a ton of damage, so it’s worth researching. Here are some handy spawn locations.


  • Los Santos – Go to the little train station Willowfield and head to the piles of tires and other trash on the left. You will find the chainsaw waiting for you with a tip.
  • San Fierro – Go to Avispa Country Club and look for the tennis court. It will be near the entrance to the club. The chainsaw will wait inside the courthouse.
  • Las Venturas – Go to the small warehouse where you must have made your way You got your chips. At the corner of the entrance is the chainsaw. For those who haven’t played the mission, it’s right next to the Burger Shot at Whitewood Estates.

How to find the minigun

The most brutal machine gun in the game, the minigun can mow down hordes of enemies if used correctly. There are a few places he spawns (as well as a hand full of story missions where you can catch one, including Black project and Diversion), but here are the three most practical.

  • San Fierro – Head toward the railway bridge connecting San Fierro and the desert. Once there, use a jetpack or helicopter to fly to the first arch as you travel to the San Fierro side of the bridge. The minigun can be found waiting there.
  • Las Venturas – Head to the same parking lot where you chased the agent during the CRASH mission Diversion. If you haven’t completed this level or need a refresher, you can find it in a narrow alley in Roca Escalante. The alley is next to a store called Dick’s Sounds. Downstairs you will find the minigun hidden in a corner.
  • Las Venturas – Another spawn can be found in the lower right corner of Las Venturas. Find a site in Rockshore East and climb onto the scaffolding. The minigun is on the fourth level.

How to find the rocket launcher

As you reach the final sections of the San Andreas Campaign, you will start to encounter more enemies in vehicles. If you want an easy way to take out these enemies, the rocket launcher is your best chance. Here are the spawns to follow if you want to get a rocket propelled ordinance before a tough mission.


  • Los Santos – Head toward Los Santos city center and look for two palm trees next to a large building. The building is topped by a rocket launcher. Use a jetpack or helicopter to get there.
  • Las Venturas – Head to the Emerald Isle parking lot. Go up to the 8th floor and you’ll find a rocket launcher around the corner.
  • Las Venturas – Make your way to Las Venturas Airport and go to the traffic control tower. Behind you will find the rocket launcher among the cargo containers.

How to find the homing missile launcher

Looking to wreak havoc with homing rockets? You will want to get your hands on homing missile launcher, which can be found in several places on the map. Here are some of the most practical that you will come across on your travels.

  • San Fierro – Head to the San Fierro Airport and look for three white fuel tanks to the right of the track. Between the tanks, you should come across a homing missile launcher.
  • Las Venturas – Next to the Carrefour Pilson, you should see a two-story parking lot overlooking a series of shipping containers. It is right next to the warehouse that you are tasked with infiltrating during the You got your chips mission. When you go up to the second level of the parking lot, turn right and head to the far corner. You will find the hidden homing missile launcher.

How to find the flamethrower

If you intend to toast a lot of enemies in a short period of time, look no further than the flamethrower. It allows you to deal fire damage to multiple enemies at once, slowly depleting and eventually draining their health bar. If that’s your thing, take a look at these spawns.


  • San Fierro – You can grab a flamethrower in Doherty, with the gun behind CJ’s auto store. Head to the construction site behind the garage and to the ruined building on the left side. Among the rubble on the ground floor, you’ll find the flamethrower.
  • San Fierro – You will find one on top of a ship located in the Easter Basin next to the airport. You can access it via a helicopter or a ladder on the left side of the boat.
  • Las Venturas – Head toward KACC military fuels at Las Venturas and go to the back of the main building. Next to a yellow crane and a few shipping containers, you’ll find a flamethrower tucked away near the backdoors.

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