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How is online gambling making its way to small towns in India?

Online gambling has always been popular among Indians and now it has reached even small towns and villages in India. There are many reasons why online gambling has reached every corner of India, the main one being easily available and profitable internet connection. Plus, other factors like the lockdown, where people couldn’t go out and had plenty of free time, helped them find ways to be entertained.

Many online gaming apps have been downloaded during the lockdown period, especially card games such as online rummy have become extremely popular. Small towns are becoming aware of online games as these apps are hugely promoted at mega events like IPL which is watched fondly across the country.

Here are the reasons why online games will soon reach every corner of India:

Easily accessible and cost-effective internet connectivity

In recent years, the price of internet connectivity has come down, causing people to consume more data. With the internet available even in remote places, people have started using it for various purposes, one of which is to play online games. When a game stops offering challenges, people move on to new games for entertainment. There are many online games that people have tried and loved, but none match the excitement that an online rummy game offers. If you know how to play rummy, you can always try your hand at popular online rummy platforms such as First Games.

The love of online games

When it comes to online games, Indians are very passionate. You will find a majority of people playing online games while going to the office or in their spare time. The love for online games has grown exponentially over the past few years for a variety of reasons. Along with the love, there are rewards to be won, which keeps players interested and invested in the game for a long time. Games like online rummy are considered a great source of entertainment and a way to earn extra cash. By displaying skills, people can earn handsome rewards, and this is the reason why online games are catching on even in small towns in India. Now that love makes money for you, try online games like most Indians do. If you are a rummy enthusiast, you can play rummy online with FirstGames.

Word of mouth

Many players have tried and loved online games. These players are very enthusiastic about these games and often express their enjoyable experience with their friends and family. Friends of these players start playing the game and the cycle continues. Online games have now reached the small towns of India and the main reason is that people see their loved ones enjoying the world of online games. With each passing day the word is spreading, and soon online gaming will reach new heights even in small towns and cities of India.


Ads are a great way to reach every household nationwide, especially during special events like IPL, award shows, popular movies, and more. Many online gaming platforms cleverly place their advertisements during such events which are watched by many people. IPL season is where you would see lots of fantastic sports app ads, telling you about their features and how you can win huge cash prizes. People try their hand at such games and start winning due to their understanding of the game. Ads can give online gaming apps massive exposure to people across the country.

Great source of entertainment

Who doesn’t like to be entertained? Well, this is the exact reason why people make time for online games. Online games guarantee you an immersive experience, taking you to a whole new world. Small town dwellers have always found ways to entertain themselves through a variety of mediums. Online games are now one of those reasons.

Online games have reached small towns and cities, and will continue to do so due to the high entertainment quotient and massive cash prizes they have to offer. Visit here to find out what India’s most popular online rummy platform has to offer.


  • Under the Public Gambling Act of 1867, all Indian states except Goa, Daman and Sikkim prohibit gambling.
  • Land-based casinos are legalized with certain guidelines in Goa and Daman under the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gaming Act 1976
  • Land-based casinos, online gambling and electronic games (gambling) are legalized in Sikkim under the Sikkim Online Gambling (Regulations) Rules 2009.
  • Only some states in India have legalized online/regular lotteries as per the conditions laid down by the state laws. Please refer to the same here
  • Horse racing and betting on horse racing, including online betting, is permitted only at a licensed establishment in certain states. Please refer to the 1996 judgment of the Supreme Court of India here and for more information
  • This article does not endorse or express the views of Qrius and/or any of its employees.

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