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“How I used an online app to defraud POS operators” – Suspect

The suspect, who claimed to be a commercial motorcyclist, said he started engaging in fraud about a month ago.

“I saw the app online and learned how to use it. I tried it and it worked, although I’ve only used it five times this month.

“I earned 55,000 naira through the fraud business before I was arrested by NSCDC officers in Akure,” he said.

Speaking about the incident, Mr. Hammed Abodunrinstate commander of the NSCDC, explained that the suspect had defrauded many outlet operators with his tricks.

According to him, the suspect used to go to point of sale operators to withdraw money.

Once he is done with the POS operators, he accesses his own bank through a firewall application to inform the bank that he has made a failed transaction.

“He was telling the bank that he had bought some things and the goods had not been delivered to him, so he wanted the transaction canceled and the money returned to his account. He would come back later and withdraw the reversed amount.

“That’s what he did, this month alone, he had done it three times, I think February 13, February 17 and yesterday (February 26).

“An POS operator just noticed that with every transaction with the suspect, the transaction will be reversed. This means that the guy at the POS continued to lose money, amounting to around 55,000 naira.

“The suspect was arrested today, we were about to bail him out and we just felt we had to approach his bank and another money just came back into his account meaning there’s has so many who will still come back to his account”, explained the head of the NSCDC.

Abodunrin explained that when the order approached the bank, it (the bank) claimed to have sent emails to the relevant POS operators.

He said the bank canceled the transaction and refunded the suspect because it received no response from the outlet operators it emailed.

“I call on banks to find faster and more efficient ways to communicate with their customers in order to prevent future criminal acts,” he added. he said.

He urged the public to be more vigilant and observant.