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How can chatbots save the online gaming industry millions?

By Aakrit Vaish

Artificial intelligence or chatbot applications are the talk of the town. Over the past few years, more and more companies and customers have collectively embarked on this revolution. For businesses, chatbots mean transforming customer interactions and building customer loyalty, increasing conversion rates, increasing sales flow, reducing support costs, and generating more leads.

On the other hand, customers prefer chatbots to get instant answers to their questions, establish a more personal connection with the brands they buy from, and enjoy phenomenal customer service.

Due to these exciting prospects, businesses across multiple industries are increasingly integrating chatbot technology into their core business operations to make processes streamlined and hassle-free with minimized human intervention.

AI conversational chatbots are particularly useful for the e-commerce industry as it receives a high volume of customer service requests and the need for an engaging and personalized shopping experience on the website.

Apart from the e-commerce sector, the chatbot application has gained momentum in the online gaming industry. As more and more people devote their precious time and money to online games, gaming companies are gradually unleashing the true potential of chatbots. These chatbots provide additional support channels witnessing the tendencies of gamers to chat, meet, and organize messaging services (like WhatsApp, Line, Discord, among others.).

Reasons for the increase in demand for chatbots in the online gaming industry

Over the past five years, the online gambling industry has witnessed incredible growth due to its immense popularity among young consumers. According to a report by KPMG, the gaming market in India is expected to reach $3.91 billion by 2025. Several factors are supporting this growth rate.

First of all, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent lockdowns have made us use smartphones more than ever. Second, the affordability of cell phones and the availability of cheaper internet/data has eliminated the need to invest in expensive game consoles like the PlayStation or Xbox.

The upward growth trajectory has helped the sector emerge as a multi-billion dollar market. The massive demand from young consumers for online games also marks a new set of expectations. These include 24/7 customer support and service, instant gratification, and other advanced FAQs and services (like upgrades and in-app purchases).

The expansion of online games has also led to a huge increase in game and game development costs and server management. This is where chatbots can help. They can help save millions of dollars for the online gambling industry in the following ways.

Provide unparalleled customer service – Integrating chatbots into customer service and support presents a unique set of challenges, including where to use them in the customer or player journey. Once companies know when, where and how they will use them, the implementation of AI-powered chatbots will replace customer service with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence. This technology helps customers locate products in several ways and facilitates in-game support.

This way, gamers and the chatbot can understand critical factors, such as the gamers’ operating system and platform, to work more efficiently. Additionally, chatbots provide players with personalized information and advice and perform specific actions, including changing credit card limits, updating policies, and supervising refunds, among others.

Reduces labor – With AI-powered conversational chatbots, companies can reduce the number of internal support staff needed to handle daily tickets and customer inquiries. Adding chatbot assistants to operations not only helps businesses reduce overhead by using help desk staff time, but also allows them to provide unparalleled customer service when live agents aren’t around. available.

Minimizes cart abandonment tendencies – AI chatbots are simply the efficient and automated one-stop-shop solution for cart abandonment issues as they send timely and targeted reminders to customers. For example, an AI-powered conversational chatbot effectively delivers a seamless pre-sale and post-sale user experience to amplify customer satisfaction and increase the potential for repeat buyers.

Chatbots automate the whole process – By embedding interactive chatbots into online games, businesses can resolve gaming issues through an automated process. Moreover, as chatbots are in high demand, they remarkably support omnichannel customer interactions in the gaming sphere.

Streamline internal operations – Besides upgrading customer-centric applications, AI-driven chatbots are streamlining the internal processes of gaming operations in several innovative ways. The helpful nature of chatbots allows players to instantly respond to orders, receive general order support, get answers to essential questions, and quickly handle complaints.

Chatbots act as a natural language interface – AI-powered chatbots act as a natural language interface for the knowledge base of businesses. They also help customers submit tickets and resolve them without having to leave their favorite messaging app.

Last words

Chatbots have emerged as the most effective way to strengthen the relationship with players in the online gaming industry. In this context, the factors mentioned above suggest how chatbots build long-term customer loyalty with in-game support. By amplifying the customer experience, reducing cart abandonment issues, and automating processes, chatbots save the online gambling industry millions of dollars. As a result, the industry expects the use of chatbots to grow exponentially in the future as more gaming companies explore and implement chatbot solutions into their operations.

The author is the co-founder and CEO of Jio Haptik

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