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Hisar: online gambling app fraud busted, 3 detained : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Deepender Deswal

Hisar, June 23

Hisar police busted a gang that was cheating people through mobile game apps. Criminals used to trick people into making money by placing bets and adding more people to these apps.

Players asked to predict the correct color

  • The accused used to induce people to play online betting games through apps such as RXCE, Mantrimaal, Ullumaal, WinzoPro, ColourPrediction known as money making apps.
  • These subscribers placed bets on these apps and the winners were offered double the amount of the bet. The app asked subscribers to place a bet on which one of the three colors displayed will appear in-game after three minutes.
  • The game administrators displayed the color that had the lowest bid and thus people who had bet on two other colors lost money.
  • Fraudsters have also formed tutorial groups on the Telegram app and invited subscribers of these mobile gaming apps to join these groups to learn how to win at games.
  • Since they knew in advance which of the three colors would appear, they used to lure people in by predicting the correct color and getting a commission on the winning amount.

Police arrested three people – two from Gujarat and one from Jaipur in Rajasthan – and traced a bank account which had a transaction of Rs 300 crore.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Lokender Singh said here today that this fraud is believed to be in the thousands of rupees and is taking place in several states. He said that with the initial entries, they tracked down 7-8 people who had fled to Dubai. He added that the money duped by people could be used to finance terrorism.

The SP said it learned of this while investigating a fraud case filed on the complaint of Hisar resident Chander Shekhar on May 17. He was duped out of around Rs 20 lakh by this online racket.

The SP added that while following the trail they arrested three people – Sachin Gudalia from Surendra Nagar in Gujarat, Pintu Rajpoot from Ahmedabad and Akash Sharma from Jaipur – on June 17. The police had also recovered Rs 3,52,500 in cash from them. They also got a bank account from which Rs 1.38 crore was seized.

Revealing the modus operandi, the SP said the defendant enticed people to play online betting games through apps such as RXCE, Mantrimaal, Ullumaal, WinzoPro, ColourPrediction known as winner apps the money. They reached out to people through online advertisements and offered subscriber incentives that got more people to connect through their app links. They used to take Rs 1,000 through the digital payment method and promised Rs 80 per day for three months. The subscriber who connected more people was offered an additional incentive.

Lokender Singh said an account of Sachin Gudalia had a transaction of Rs 300 crore from January to June. “This account credited money from all over the country. Significantly, the operator of this account used to withdraw money in cash. The single withdrawal is as high as Rs 50 lakh which also casts doubt on how the concerned bank neglected the withdrawal of such a huge amount,” the SP said.

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