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Growth of the online gaming sector in Africa: overview, statistics, forecasts

The global gaming market was worth over $ 203 billion in 2020. Industry experts unanimously agree that they can expect growth in the years to come, especially in the growing industry. line. It seems that the African market has the greatest potential for growth. The main question is: how do you get there?

This article analyzes the current situation and brings together important statistics on online gambling in Africa. You will also find out how the market will grow and adapt to the needs of players in the future. Here’s what the coming years could look like for gamers on this continent!

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped the growth of the industry

The virus outbreak has caused people to stay more at home. While most industries took a hit, it was an opportunity for the internet entertainment industry. More people have explored the internet streaming services or casino platforms recommended by the South African CasinoHEX website. Spending time at home also meant that people had more time to play games.

It was the “online” factor that laid the foundation for the development of the gaming industry. Even if the pandemic forced you to stay at home, you could still play with friends. The Internet can also connect you with players around the world. This means that you can test your skills against the world and see where you stand.

We must not forget the large number of games available today. You can choose from sports, adventures, and shooters. All of these factors ensure that online gambling remains attractive to different generations.

What factors are driving the growth of gambling in the African market?

The reports strongly believe that the African casino and gaming industry will continue to grow in the years to come. The industry’s CAGR is estimated to be 12% per year by 2026. This indicates notable expansion, but what are the factors driving this growth?

More Internet users and improved connectivity

It’s no secret that Africa has many infrastructure and technology challenges. That’s why you won’t see many EVs on the streets, although automakers are planning huge investments globally. However, one area where the continent has made huge strides is internet and smartphone penetration. Only 10% of all Africa had access to the internet in 2010. This percentage rose to 28.2% in 2019, indicating an increase of almost 300% in less than a decade.

The continent’s problem is that internet usage varies by region and country. According to Statistical, Kenya has an Internet penetration of 85.2%, while Libya is at 84.2%. In contrast, only 6.9% can access online services in Eritrea and 7.9% in South Sudan.

A notable increase in the number of smartphone users

According to Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans owned at least one smartphone in 2018. In Africa, the only country that has exceeded the 50% mark is South Africa. Most people on the continent own a phone, but smartphone prices seem to take them away from those devices.

Access by smartphone is important because mobile gaming is an integral part of this industry. Player benefits include:

  • Play from anywhere. You probably take your cell phone everywhere. It means you can play mobile games anytime you want. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, many versions have offline versions.
  • Most games are free to download. Console games require an investment in hardware and then the purchase of titles to play. Unlike this, you can download a mobile game for free. Most come with in-app purchases, but they’re not required.
  • Different genres are available. Many leading companies and developers have mobile versions of their game franchises. The genres vary from strategies and RPGs to card games and sports. You can even acquire a controller that will enhance the gaming experience.

The youth population is on the rise

Africa’s young population is growing. A 50% increase is expected to occur in the zero to 24 age group by 2050. Not only are young people more eager to play games, but new generations are more open to games. technology. This convenience is what can lead to an increase in the number of users of online games, whether through smartphones or consoles.

What can we expect in the future?

There is unanimous agreement that things will only get better for African online games. What other trends can we expect besides industry growth? Here is what the coming years could bring for this sector!

Better Internet quality

It’s not just about having access to the Internet, but also its speed. Africa has made significant progress in this area as well, but this varies greatly from region to region.

You may not need a high-speed internet connection to play an online mobile game. However, console gaming on the web requires a stable network with high bandwidth. This creates a problem in some areas, but we can only expect an improvement in infrastructure in the years to come. In this case, we can expect more users to try the online games in different countries.

More mobile game developers

Leti Arts and Kiro’o Games are just a few names currently leading the African mobile game development industry. More companies can be expected to create titles designed for African audiences. Intercontinental collaboration can be an option to educate and secure resources for developers and designers.

The esport factor

Mobile gaming appears to be the most attractive to Africans because of its affordability. However, that doesn’t mean that PC and console gamers should be overlooked. There are millions of them only in South Africa, and that number could increase.

The esports factor can play a huge role, as gaming competitions often come with huge jackpots. Many games offer millions to teams and players who turn out to be the best in the world. The possibility of earning a living could attract young people to online games.

Final thoughts

Africa is following the global trend of online gaming on the rise. The value of the industry will only increase in the years to come, but there is still a long way to go to reach its true potential.

The value of the industry and the number of players are still far from developed countries. Most of the countries have yet to resolve the economic and infrastructure issues to make it easier for most citizens to play online. But despite all the problems, more and more Africans seem to be interested in games every day. This indicates that exciting games are coming to the gaming market on this continent!

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