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Gas Prices Fall Nationwide | Otago Daily Times News Online

Petrol prices have fallen in New Zealand over the past week and the South has the lowest prices in the country.

Unleaded 91 yesterday was down more than 20c a liter from a week ago.

Gore had the 91 lowest price in New Zealand, according to the Gaspy app – $2.44 at NPD and Gull self-service.

Anderson’s Bay NPD had the lowest price of 91 unleaded ($2.51) in Dunedin and among major centers.

The highest in Dunedin was at Allied Portobello for $2.88.

The cheapest fuel in Queenstown was at NPD Frankton for $2.71.

In North Otago, the cheapest 91 was at Gull Maheno for $2.57.

Travelers passing through Balclutha could fill up for $2.65 at McKeown Cardfuel at Barnego Rd.

In Invercargill, the lowest price was $2.55 at the NPD self-service station in Bond St.

The price of diesel has fallen 10.76% over the past 28 days to an average of $2.56 per litre.

The cheapest diesel in the South, according to Gaspy, was in Invercargill, where the NPD self-service station, Allied Fuel Stop and Allied Tramway Motors all charged $2.35 a liter.

AA Otago District Council Chairman Malcolm Budd said people would rush to fill up their vehicles as prices remained cheaper.

“AA thinks it’s very encouraging [that] the price of fuel has fallen and oil companies are passing on lower crude oil prices overseas,” Budd said.

Greig Epps, head of advocacy and strategy for the Motor Trade Association, said the lower prices were good news at a time when supply chain issues and rising transportation costs were high.

He said small gas stations were often accused of high prices, but these were set long before they arrived.

“Gas stations often face price criticism when in reality, by the time it gets to the pump, all the prices have been set,” he said.

This week’s price drop comes after a year of steadily rising gasoline prices.

In March, the government announced a short-term reduction in petrol excise duties, which is now extended until the end of January. — additional reports The New Zealand Herald

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