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Fresno nurse launches portable nightlight and online business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – A woman from Fresno is helping light the way for nurses with her unique and portable invention, UNight Light.

“They are able to see and not be seen. So the same principle that we wanted to embed in the clinical setting and allow frontline healthcare workers to brighten their workspace and reduce sleep disturbances for patients. patients, ”said Jennifferre Mancillas, co-founder of Lumify Care & ROUCOULER.

Mancillas is one of the co-founders of portable LED light. It has three different colors to help navigate care while patients are resting.

After ten years of service as an adult nurse and neonatal nurse, she teamed up with another nursing colleague to launch Nightlight and their company Lumify Care.

“Eighty-five percent of the nurses we surveyed over the summer were overwhelmed with navigating their professional ecosystem, so we wanted to fix that. We created the Lumify hub. It is therefore a one-stop digital platform for healthcare professionals. to access everything they need, from finding the perfect scrub brand to managing their credentials, ”Mancillas said.

Mancillas says the hub also helps nurses look for work.

People can buy the night lights for $ 24.

It has been sold to medical professionals in the United States and abroad.

“It’s been really nice to put the spotlight on the medical professionals, so to speak. And really give them the opportunity to have something that makes it easier for them to do their jobs, especially in the area of ​​COVID. “said Mancillas.

A healthcare business started by nurses with a passion for problem solving and community building.

Lumify is launching the second version of its UNight Light next year, and it will include a rechargeable battery.

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