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DNA exclusive: is your child addicted to online games? Experts advise caution and rapid intervention | India News


New Delhi: In India, almost 88% of young people up to the age of 23 said they prefer to play online games more than any other activity, although there is nothing wrong with playing games online as a hobby can just as quickly become a habit of becoming a “gambling addict”.

The problem has continued since the coronavirus-induced lockdown. The number of people playing online games in India has increased rapidly and this includes children as well as the elderly. Indians spend an average of 218 minutes per day playing online games, up from 151 minutes previously. Children fall prey to online game addiction because they don’t understand its dangers, so if there are children in your house who like to play online games then they should be explained about the dangers. of all that.

Zee News presenter Sachin Arora spoke on Friday (October 1) about the growing addiction to online games among young people in India and how early intervention can save them.

Here is what the government’s opinion on online gaming says:

Keeping in mind the growing addiction to online games, the Delhi government has issued an advisory for all schools and parents, but in India this problem is not confined to a state or a city. As many parents in India are troubled by their child’s addiction.

The Delhi government notice informed both parents and teachers that if children play online games continuously for several hours, it can have an adverse effect on their physical and mental health. Also, there is a safety issue, so children should be advised that they should not talk to strangers via webcams, audio, private messages, or online chat boxes when they are play online games.

Children should avoid registering a debit or credit card in game apps and teachers and parents should explain to children that they should not download any software or games from an unknown source as it may contain viruses and also obscene content.

Be sure to check the age of the online game your child is playing. If someone is harassing your child while playing an online game, then don’t react instead and report that person to the police. In fact, join your kids while they are playing online games so that you can know how your kid is behaving while playing.

Parents must remain vigilant

As a parent, you need to be careful if your child starts to hide their online activities from you or if your child suddenly starts spending too much time on the Internet. Check for mood swings with the child, if you see a lot of phone numbers or email addresses on your child’s digital device, be alert.

A booming online gaming business

There are currently over 3 million mobile phone apps on Google Playstore in India, of which 4,442,226 are online gaming apps. Of these, 19,632 applications were developed in India itself.

In 2018, the number of users playing online games in India was 26.90 million. In 2020, the number of such users increased to 36.50 crore. And it is estimated that by 2022 that number will be 51 crore.

The value of the online gambling industry in India for the year 2019 was Rs 8,300 crore, but by 2022 it is estimated to increase to Rs 21,000 crore.

Meanwhile, psychologists say online gambling can turn into addiction and this can be recognized by certain mental and physical activities such as:

* Isolate from anything other than games
* Loss of appetite
* Lack of sleep
* Anxiety about not being able to play the game
* Talk about the game even when you are not playing it.
* Although the physical symptoms of this addiction include
* Tired
* Eye pain
* Wrist pain

According to psychologist Ashima Srivastava, “Playing online games is not bad, but keeping work aside and playing games is not only dangerous, but the hobby turns into addiction. Now is the time to get rid of the habit. “


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