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CNA website remains most frequently used source of online news in S’pore: Reuters Institute report – Mothership.SG

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CNA can boast of two distinctions following the release of the Reuters Digital report 2022 of June 15.

The Mediacorp news network is both Singapore’s most widely used online news site and the country’s most trusted media outlet.

Weekly online usage

According to the study, CNA has the highest weekly online usage, with 46% of respondents interacting with CNA online at least once a week.

31% of respondents also used CNA at least three days a week, the highest of any media in Singapore.

Mothership took second place, with the same number of weekly uses as CNA, with one percent less for respondents who use it three days a week.

The online news component of the Straits Time (ST) finished in third place at 40%, and 4% behind CNA for respondents who use it three days a week.

The placement of the top five media to be used online remained unchanged from 2021, with Yahoo! New in fourth and Today in fifth. However, AsiaOne moved up the rankings from eighth to sixth place, overtaking to crush and CNN.

However, ST #1 for offline usage, which covers TV, radio and print media.

Trust in the brand

CNA also took the top spot for brand trust, although trust in Singapore news in general fell after rising during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The study said:

“Trust in news in Singapore has fallen slightly this year to 43%, following Covid-inspired increases in 2021. Mediacorp’s 24-hour news network Channel News Asia (CNA) remains the most trusted traditional news brand, followed by Mediacorp’s free-to-air English-language television channel and the newspaper The time of the straits.”

ST recorded the same level of trust in Mediacorp’s Channel 5 News television station, and two percent less than ANC.

Another MediaCorp TV channel, Channel 8 News, came in fourth place while BBC News completes the top five.

Yahoo! New and CNN the brand trust score fell by 4% and 5% respectively compared to 2021. from the mother ship brand trust was 53%, unchanged from 2021.

However, the study noted that the answers have been taken towards the end of January and the beginning of February 2022, i.e. before from the mothership press accreditation was suspended by the government for prematurely publishing an infographic containing information relating to the 2022 budget statement.

from the mother ship press accreditation will be reinstated in August 2022.

Changing information habits

The study also noted that Singaporeans continue to get their information from online sources, “including extensive use of a wide range of different social media and messaging apps.”

While TV news consumption remained relatively stable at 48%, print consumption fell to 23%, half of what it was in 2017.

from the mother ship Editor Martino Tan said in a statement:

“2022 has been a difficult year for many news organizations around the world. It has been particularly difficult for Mothership following the temporary suspension of our press accreditation.

We are deeply encouraged by the Reuters Institute report and are immensely grateful to our audience and partners for their support, particularly over the past few months.

We are aware that the health and success of a medium is not defined solely by its reach and accessibility. My team and I are committed to strengthening our efforts to become a more trusted and sustainable media brand, and look forward to working more closely with our industry peers to add meaningfully to the media ecosystem.”

You can consult the study 2022 hereand the 2021 edition here.

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