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Class Act: South Otago High School

Shania Morado

Once welcomed, Shania Morado wants to extend this good fortune to others.

Shania came to Balclutha from her native Philippines with her family in 2015 and said she has been on a journey of personal growth since then.

“I was quite a shy and independent person in 9th grade, but over the years I have become much more confident and open to challenges.

“I’m very aware of those students who can’t necessarily showcase their talents, so as principal I try to provide a gateway for them to staff and student leaders.”

Describing herself as a “versatile”, she had turned to science more recently.

“I also have an inner theater kid and enjoyed playing Rockquest with a friend earlier this year. I also enjoy public speaking and acting.”

She said a scholarship trip to Wellington for the Festival for the Future earlier this year gave her a “different mindset” about her future.

“I made some interesting connections in Wellington, and would now like to be involved in outreach programs in third world countries, perhaps through dentistry.”

A bit of old-fashioned sibling rivalry had led to another great passion: basketball.

“My brother was also a captain at school and challenged me to play house. You could say I caught him,” she joked.

She said news of the class act price had brought tears to her mother’s eyes.

“I didn’t think I would be chosen alongside so many high achievers. We cried a lot together.”

Achievements: Head Girl (2022); Level 2 merit endorsement for English; NCEA Level 1 Merit Approval for Art; diligence for geography (2020); excellence for science (2020); Scientific Tour Explainer Certificate (2019); Merit in English (2019); excellence for art (2019); merit for PE (2019); Walker Cup Speech Contest (2018); food technology due diligence (2018); PB4L badges: bronze and silver excellence, bronze respect, bronze and silver perseverance (2018); Merit for English, Science and Physical Education (2018); event planning; Best Vocal Talent (2017); vocal group (2018-20); talent quest (2021); junior and senior productions; basketball cup, team captain and MVP (2021); badminton (2020); volleyball (2022); Level 4 pre-hospital care for professional dental resuscitation; volunteer in a nursing home (2021-22); assist with dental procedures, including surgery.

Model: Audrey Hepburn, a model of elegance and good nature; and my mother, the strongest person I have ever known.

Hopes for the future: To study dentistry at the University of Otago and raise awareness in the third world.

Fraser McAtamney

Sometimes being a sky gazer pays off.

The world may have moved on a bit from the “red skies at night”, but everyone is still affected by the day-to-day weather.

Having been raised on a sheep and beef farm in Clydevale, Fraser McAtamney is perhaps more aware of this than most.

“I’ve had a long interest in weather and climate. It’s something you can follow online in great detail.

“I’m probably known by my friends as the go-to weather forecaster because I have about 10 weather apps on my phone.”

The vice principal of South Otago High School wants to take his passion for rushing to the top.

“I would like to be a meteorologist one day. This is an important time to work in the whole field of climate and the environment.”

A first step on this path would be to study physics – his favorite subject – at the University of Otago next year.

“I just find the ideas and concepts quite interesting. It’s the science of everything.”

For modern scientists, communicating your ideas is of paramount importance, and the South Otago teenager is no stranger to stepping onto the platform.

“I’m into theater and musical theatre.

“I just like playing for people, and I’ve been doing that since I was younger.”

These performing skills translated into several leadership roles within the school, including leading charitable and cultural events such as 40 Hours of Famine, Human Rights Week, and Pink Shirt and Neurodiversity Days. Celebration.

Fraser hoped that he could one day use his communication and scientific skills to bring about positive change in the world.

“We need to look at climate change more closely, from a scientific perspective. It’s a very emotional issue right now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always lead to the best solutions.”

Achievements: Level 1 Certificate of Excellence including Mathematics and Geography, Merit in Science and English; Level 2 Certificate of Excellence, Merit Approval for Chemistry, Algebra, Physics, and Drama; Academic Blue (2020/21); CEO of Young Enterprise Group Happy Hives (2021); leading roles in senior and junior productions; vocal and theatrical sports groups; student leader of 40 Hours of Famine (2021); leader of Human Rights Week (Pride and 40 Hour Famine, 2022); Responsible for Pink Shirt Day and Neurodiversity Celebration Day (2022); deputy director and member of the school council (2022).

Model: My parents — they have always been involved in the community and encouraged me to do the same.

Hopes for the future: Become a meteorologist.