Borrow money for King’s Day

Every year the festivities around King’s Day burst out and a large part of the Dutch population gathers around the TV to be able to celebrate the party. Even more people organize fun things on their own in the street where all local residents are welcome to party with. That of course costs a lot, probably the costs are borne by several families, but you first have to advance everything yourself, after which you get it back later.

Then you want to borrow money for King’s Day to be able to pay the running costs so that you can look forward to a particularly successful and well-organized party without any further problems. It will not be a large amount that you want to borrow, it seems to me that an amount of up to 1000 euros should be sufficient, if it is still a larger amount then you can look forward to another form of credit. You can read further which forms are available to you below.

Borrow money for King’s Day


The King’s Day is traditionally celebrated on April 27, because this is the birth date of King Willem-Alexander. The exception to this rule is that when April 27 falls on a Sunday, it is celebrated the day before. But anyway, if you want to borrow a sum of money to be able to pay your running costs and you cannot do this from your own resources, you could look at borrowing a small amount through a mini loan.

With this mini loan you can quickly get an amount of 1000 euros at your disposal that you can spend at your own discretion. Please note that you have to pay back the amount you borrow, this can be done from 50 euros in one go, so this cannot be done in installments.

Borrow money immediately

Borrow money immediately

With these kinds of occasions it is important that you can borrow money immediately, so that you don’t have to spend weeks applying for and handling the credit you want. That is why it is also advisable to execute your application online, this is not only very fast, but also ensures that you can arrange everything else by text or email.

That saves a lot of paperwork, which you will not be waiting for because of your busy work. You can complete a request for a small credit in less than 5 minutes and upon approval, the requested amount will be credited to your account immediately. So there is no long wait.

Tradition King’s Day

Tradition King

The tradition of organizing festivities around the birthday of the reigning monarch has been around for many years and originated around 1885 to celebrate Princess Wilhelmina’s fifth birthday. Because this was a great success, this later turned into a “real” Queen’s Day, which was celebrated on August 31, the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina.

After Juliana took over as queen, this date was set on 30 April, the accompanying parade, or flower tribute at the Soestdijk palace. Queen Beatrix did it very differently again, she chose to visit another place in the Netherlands every year and attend the festivities, a tradition that is being honored by King Willem-Alexander.