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Former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi received a death threat on Tuesday via a letter addressed to him. In the letter, while giving the death threat, the sender informed that he is a Trinamool congress party leader. The sender of the death threat was also called Champa Soma.

In the typed letter, the threatening person wrote that he is a Trinamool Congress party leader, and he proclaimed that Mamata Banerjee would be the next Prime Minister of India. While adding to the proclamation, the sender also said that former Deputy Chief Minister and MP Sushil Modi is a pet of Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The threat writer also added his fondness for West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. At the end of the letter, the threat giver announced that he would kill former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi on or before September 31.

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The threat was sent by speed post from Purba Bardhaman district in West Bengal. The police have not yet made an official statement on this matter.

Former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and BJP MP Sushil Modi has recently surfaced for launching current Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the news. Sushil said the current Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, barely managed to win two seats before joining forces with the BJP to form a government in Bihar. Sushil Modi, further added that Nitish Kumar’s seat share only rose in the polls when he contested with the support of the BJP.

Sushil Modi also proclaimed that now without Modi’s face, Nitish Kumar has no chance in Uttar Pradesh and even in Bihar, the current Chief Minister of Bihar would find it difficult to open his account.

A similar incident occurred in July when BJP Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan, Kirodi Lal Meena, informed the media that a death threat had been sent to him via a letter in which the sender had threatened him with helping the family of Kanhaiya Lal, the victim. of a targeted assassination in Udaipur that occurred after the BJP spokesperson shared blasphemous comments about the Prophet.

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