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Bengaluru: Police Complaint Against Online Gaming Company For Violating New Law | Latest India News


Bengaluru A police complaint was filed in Bengaluru on Thursday against a popular online gaming company for allegedly violating newly enforced online gambling and gaming laws just two days after the disputed legislation was notified.

Bengaluru police said a complaint was registered Thursday at Annapurnenshwari Nagar station. “A complaint was registered by a person who said that the Dream 11 website continued to be active despite the entry into force of the new legislation. He said it was a game of chance, not skill, ”a senior police official from Annapurneshwari Nagar said on Friday.

He said a case had been registered under Articles 79 and 80 of the Karnataka Police Law.

The complaint comes two days after the governor of Karnataka assented to a bill that was passed by both chambers of the state legislature during the monsoon session that just ended September 13-24. .

Araga Jnanendra, the Minister of Interior, had tabled the “Karnataka Police Bill (Amendment) 2021” to make an amendment, because technologies like smartphones, computers have increased gambling on the Internet. applications and other platforms. He had said that terms like cyberspace and online games were included in the law.

The early notification of the online gambling and gaming ban by the government led by Basavaraj Bommai caught operators off guard who were hoping for a little more time for the law to come into force, especially with the Indian Premier League ( IPL) in progress which brings in a good part of the income.

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) told the Hindustan Times on Wednesday that it was “needless to say the industry will challenge this in court and seek legal redress.” The companies said on Wednesday that they had banned users in Karnataka from accessing their respective apps.

Dream 11 declined to comment.

The bill comes at a time when Deepavali is fast approaching during which there is gambling in almost every household as part of the festivities.

India’s gaming industry, which is part of the Sunrise sector, has seen resounding success in the country, especially since the Covid-19-induced lockdown, where engagement has dropped from around 2.5 hours (11% of total smartphone time) before the pandemic to 4.1 hours (15% of total smartphone time) in the first month of the lockdown, according to a June 2021 report from KPMG.

“The industry has sought to clarify regulations based on several precedents that establish the legitimacy of ‘skill games’ and the state should heed these judgments by issuing an enabling gambling policy that will facilitate growth and development. opportunities for this sector. Biren Ghose, chairman of the CII national committee on AVGC and chairman of the Association of Bangalore Animation Industry (ABAI) said Wednesday.

The online gaming industry, which gained ground during the Covid-19-induced lockdown, is expected to grow from 360 million gamers to 510 million by 2022, according to a 2021 report from the All India Gaming Federation ( AIGF) and EY.

The report adds that 85% of them are mobile gamers.

He also estimates that real money online gaming players are expected to grow from 80 million in 2020 to 150 million by 2023.

Estimates indicate that Karnataka, known for its technological prowess, accounts for around 15% of the country’s market. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI), there are 92 gaming companies registered in Bengaluru which employ over 4,000 people and have, in the last three years alone, attracted ??3000 crores of investment.


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